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Clan ~UO~




Not a Great selection... but if you want something u have to be added here send it to nothing over 3 megs please i have a 10Mb mailbox limit.

  • The Map Hack- Hate having to send those slow ass overlords all over so you can see the map? Then what the hell are you waiting for? See everything the map has to offer with this map hack! Download it here!

  • Optimizer- Allways getting 6 red on Want to for once get the lagless connection you deserve? Download Optimizer so you are allways connecting to the fastest server! Download it here!

  • Smart Chuck's 3 in 1 trainer-does the job of map hack but not as good also has a no loss hack (gives u a disconnect), and a speed hack which i havent tried yet. Get it even if just for the no loss hack. Download it here!

  • Clan ~UO~ The Map- Like that yello map? Same thing but it says UO in the center of the map. Get it for the fun of it. You can probably just pick it up by playing with us in the game... but in case u dont want to spend all that time downloading. Download it here!

  • Probe_boy's Maps- a few maps done from scratch. Give Probe_Boy the mad props these maps rule! Download it here!

That's All Folks! Send me more files to upload here!