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Private Battle.Net Instructions

Thanks to my bud EagleTalon over at we have a cool place to play starcraft at. It's totally private, everyone gets 1g lag in the channels, gameplay is as slow as it would be on regular since has no effect on the lagginess of gameplay. I am seriously considering this option folks. I only use the JEC server now. And if you do play with ppl you dont know you can be almost positive that no one will backstab. (this is the way of the JEC Community... and as members of ~UO~ and asscociates of mine you all are welcome to be a part of this community)

Anyway, to utilize this cool server you need to get a few files... you may be able to use the optimizer offered on our page but i haven't tried. Click here to get the files you need then come back get the .exe file.

Due to recent confusion I will leave these step by step instructions

  1. Download the .exe first.
  2. run the exe
  3. in the right column delete all BUT
  4. add:
  5. click on the server you just added
  6. click on run (on the right side there are 2 run buttons click the one on the right)
  7. click multiplayer (then choose original or broodwar if you have brood war installed)
  8. select then click ok
  9. now you will have to create a new account. to cause less confusion use the same name and pass as on regular
  10. you will be signed on to and it will look different (gee what a shock) there will be LOTS LESS people on. you may be the only person on. (the meaning of private)
  11. then if you choose to use regular exit the program completely
  12. load the exe you downloaded
  13. now click on exodus (there was a reason you saved this....) and click run
  14. load normally and viola your on regular
  15. from this point on you will be able to switch back and forth using steps 11-14 (using jec and exodus)
  16. Have fun!

This is the last time i will explain these instructions. any SPECIFIC questions ask me. please dont make me repeat this list. Thanks for your support and enjoy!