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Clan ~UO~



~UO~ wants YOU!!!

So you think you have what it takes to join our forces here at ~UO~? I know you think, "oh they're a new clan there's no way they can be good. they're all newbies probably." Well, i have one thing to say to that HAH!!!! Thats right, we're not newbies in fact we all had kick ass records. (note: i say had because some of us changed our names to sport the ~UO~ tag) There is a tryout you must go through. you must participate in a match with at least 2 ~UO~ members in order to tryout. To participate in a match meet us in channel ~UO~ on If no one is there type /whereis RocketMan~UO~ (fillin other ~UO~ member names here as well). For a more complete list goto our members page.(note: it is a more complete not a complete list) If that even fails, for God's sake e-mail one of the co-leaders. If you email one of us we will set up a tryout date for you. Please note the following requirements:

  • Must Own StarCraft (Brood War is a Plus)

  • Must have a 56k connection or better to internet

  • Must be able to play once a week with other clan members (special circumstances contact a leader)

  • Must not be in another clan ( no backstabbers allowed in this clan)

  • Must follow moral rules in game (no backstabbing, using hacks on clan members, etc.)

  • Must have some skill (no newbies unless you can show great improvement over a short period of time.)

  • Must have AIM installed with a screen name for it. (see below if you dont)

There might be other rules added to this site but all rules will be emailed to you. Other note: we all use AOL Instant Messenger or AOL to communicate AIM is free at so get it if you dont have it allready. As a member you will also be required to provide an e-mail address. is a good place to sign up for free e-mail. Good luck!