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Clan ~UO~



Ranking System

Not everyone starts off as being a leader you know. You all have to work for your ranks. It's not like you have to be ranked in ladder games or anything. I'll emxplain what the rank means and what power you have.The ranks are as follow:

Rank Symbol How to reach this rank Powers in ~UO~

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New Member Ranked Regular in channel ~UO~

sczergling.gif (4900 bytes)

New Member with High Potential Ranked Regular in channel ~UO~

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Member that plays quite often and is talented in StarCraft Is ranked as a VIP in Channel ~UO~ under BotMan.

scmutalisk.gif (7872 bytes)

A Dragoon that continues to improve Every game Power over Probes, Zealots and Dragoons. And is also ranked as a VIP.

scoverlord.gif (17087 bytes)

Extreme player that is a good influence on other clan members. Has experience playing with either the Executors or the other Tassadars. You need three Tassadar votes to become a Tassadar and/or two Executors votes Has power over all the above. Are in the high council to report the happenings in the lower ranks. Is a channel Operator under BotMan.

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You need the approval of all cerebrates to become one. Leads all ~UO~ In the form of a high council. They answer only to other cerebrates. Is a channel Leader under BotMan.
Special Ops Forces

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Must be hand picked by the Executors. All other info is classified! Answers only to cerebrates. Can be selected out of any rank. Is ranked as a channel Leader Under BotMan.

I would like to thank OsirisRed for all of the above Protoss Icons.