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Clan ~UO~




The Worldz Demonz -TwD-

Leader -KidDemon-TwD-

These guys are really cool and I'm friends with the leader. Their channel is-TwD- Visit them tell them your friends with ~UO~! If you see KidDemon tell him Pat says hi.



Dream Stealers =DS=

Leader (who cares)

They have way to many memebrs. Go on their channel, Clan -=DS=-, and see how many peeps they got. And they break the rules they set. We had a match I was accidentally terran so wa said ally at end since it wasn't a fair match they agreed and then continued to eliminate each one of us while we were weak. They are cowards and unlike our good buddy CHICKEN they dont have balls!! CHALLENGE THEM EVEY CHANCE U GET!!!!! RockteMan~UO~ out!!