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Clan ~UO~




Membership Roster

(in order of arrival)

Member Name Rank E-mail
RocketMan Executor
DarkKnight Executor
N64freak Executor
OzMan454 Executor
Cheese99_99 Tassadar
TychoMax Zealot*
VxxRoBxxV Tassadar
Probe_Boy~UO Tassadar
Hollywood Probe
OsirisRed Scout
BloodyAngel Scout
SmOkey Scout

* Means you are in risk of losing your membership to ~UO~ contact RocketMan if you do not know why.

Please note that this entire web site is underconstruction and all information is not yet available. If Your name is not on this site and/or if your information is not posted contact me at I'll put you on the site A.S.A.P. I need your info people so look at someone like me or DarkKnight to see what i need to know.