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Visitors since 7/19/2000:   TC

***** News *****

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News is deleted when i feel like it.

Sept 3rd, 2000-

  • I felt like it...

  • The meeting sucked noone showed... the people who did didn't talk. Me and Chris had a nice convorsation...

  • I'm sure you  heard (i emailed everyone) that we are now going to be using a private server. I am going to post an entire page with links to the necessary files and instructions on how to utilize this server and regular servers. In the meantime if you have any questions contact me at If the subject is in all caps i dont read it.

  • I'm going to put the bot software on our site but onlygive the link to certain people. The last time i told everyone where the bots were, i had 5 annoying bots in our channel. So far the people who can have bots are as follows:

    • Me

    • DarkKnight

    • N64Freak

    • OzMan454

    • Smokey

    • Cheese

    Sorry to everyone else

  • I want to hear from you people to know your all still alive... If you have news SEND IT TOO ME!!!!!

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