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Clan ~UO~



Clan ~UO~ History

    Adjutant online. Incoming transmission.....

    "Good evening. I am RocketMan, Co-Leader of Clan ~UO~ The Ultimate Order. I am here to fill you in on the necessary details involving the ~UO~ community. We were formed on July 10th, 2000. A group of four fearless warriors were playing on and met up I met up with a gamer known as CCWHOPASS, then we met up with N64freak, the three of us made a 4v3 game (4p people versus 3 computers) when someone named OzMan454 came in. We all downloaded map and began playing right away the teamwork showed we were a machine we took out all three computers in no time flat. At that point I was in a clan known as ~HD~ and I invited them all to join my in my clan's channel. there was no one there but us four. I committed mutiny in my own clan's channel for that was when ~UO~ was born. The four of us were left the beginners of a new clan. Cerebrates of our own swarm of warriors. That day began the first chapter of a long story in the book of ~UO~."

-RocketMan~UO~     (7/19/00)